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ELEX42: Get info, compare party platforms with these websites

Lots of help for people needing voting information or who are still undecided
Vote help
Plenty of agencies, including Elections Canada, shown here during a mobile registration event earlier this month, have websites to sort out your federal voting questions.

The following is a list of websites to help you with voting information and decisions.



• YouTube Canada: Election 2015 — videos on Canada’s 2015 Election on YouTube with breaking news, explainers, analysis, opinion and parody.

PARTY PLATFORMS EXPLAINED — an election hub aggregating party campaign promises, with information about candidates for each riding and how they can be reached. — a guide offering a break down of the main parties' platforms for easy comparison. — compare party platforms.

VOTING ADVOCACY — organized by the Canadian Federation of Students asking people, especially young people, to pledge to vote. — resources on voting, information on how the government works and rights and responsibilities of citizens and elected members of government.

POLLING & QUESTIONS — people can learn about candidates in their riding, poll themselves on how they will vote in their riding, change their vote if their opinion changes during the campaign and see how others are voting, ask candidates direct questions and stay in touch with candidate meet ups.