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ELXN42: Last stretch of the campaign

As the country votes for a new government on Monday, we asked our Tri-City candidates to give their final say.
The Tri-City candidates

As the country votes for a new government on Monday, we asked our Tri-City candidates to give their final say as they move into the last weekend of campaigning.

The question: What do you want voters to know about you before they head to the polls Oct. 19?

Doug Horne, Conservative
"I have the experience representing the area for the past six years as the MLA. I have tried very hard to represent the area well. I think the most important thing is having someone who works well with all levels of government to make sure that we have the services and infrastructure. That requires a strong voice in Ottawa."
Campaign office: 101-3278 Westwood St., Port Coquitlam, 604-474-3684
Online:, [email protected], twitter@douglas_horne

Sara Norman, NDP
“I want voters to know, as a journalist, I’ve been a strong voice for local issues and will continue to bring their concerns right to Ottawa as their Member of Parliament. I will do that by continuing to listen to the concerns of the community, by talking to people as I have done for months now door-knocking."
Campaign office: Unit E, 2288 Elgin Ave., Port Coquitlam, 604-474-1650
Online:, [email protected], twitter@saradnorman

Ron McKinnon, Liberal
"I want them to know that, as I have done as a candidate, should I have the honour to represent them in Parliament, I will keep an open-door policy so that I can hear the cares and concerns of the constituency and carry that message back to Ottawa.”
Campaign office: 2636 Shaughnessy St., Port Coquitlam, 604-475-8858
Online:, [email protected], twitter@RonMcKinnonLib

Brad Nickason, Green
"My goal is to be here for all people who need a strong, independent-minded representative who can think for himself but who is collaborative, will work with his community and works well with those he needs to — to accomplish what must be done."
Phone: 604-537-6449
Online:, [email protected], twitter@bradnickason

Tim Laidler, Conservative
"If voters are concerned about veterans and their welfare then I’m the person for them. I dedicated a lot of my life serving the military. Low taxes and housing affordability are big issues for me. People are happy to have bought a home in the Tri-Cities but they’re concerned about the next generation."
Campaign office: 2701 Clarke, Port Moody, 604-239-1201
Online:, [email protected], twitter@LaidlerTim

Fin Donnelly, NDP
"This is a critical election for Canadians. We have a real opportunity to bring about positive, progressive change. I’m proud to have served as your MP for six years and, with your continued support, I will be part of a new, progressive federal government.”
Campaign office: 1-2565 Barnet Hwy., Coquitlam, 604-474-2882
Online:, [email protected], twitter@findonnelly

Jessie Adcock, Liberal
"I’m hard-working, experienced and passionate and ready to help lead the country. I’m passionate about redefining the relationship between constituents and their government. I’m committed to reforming how government works. Don’t base your vote on a month-old poll. Vote your values."
Campaign office: 2617 St. Johns St., 778-355-3201
Online:, [email protected], twitter@jessieadcock

Marcus Madsen, Green
"I am the only candidate in this race whose party will allow its MP to vote independently; and as the only candidate who is from the private sector and not a public careerist, I promise to set prudent policies for Canada that make sense for the long run — not just for the next election."
Phone: 604-379-6880
Online:, [email protected], twitter@madsennow