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MINTER: The simple garden pea has a long, sweet history

We take many things for granted today, often not fully appreciating the amount of research, hard work or even the fascinating history behind some of our edible plants. Take the garden pea, for example.

A GOOD READ: Reading, cooking and eating

Struggling with weight gain is my lifetime preoccupation.

SENIORS: Glen Pine Pavilion offers a variety of classes

Glen Pine Pavilion features arts instruction, wellness information and a little bit of dancing this month.

SENIORS: Yoga and pilates for older adults

Yoga and pilates are being combined in a class for people 50 and older starting April 18 at Dogwood Pavilion. Omega Conway will lead this program, which runs Mondays until May 30 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

SENIORS: Minds in Motion comes to Tri-Cities

A new program aims to exercise people's memories.

SENIORS: Study sheds light on siblings who care for senior parents

Family caregivers who care for aging parents encounter caregiver stress, life-and-death medical crises, financial problems and property disputes.

GREEN SCENE: A marvel of nature - the cranes' dance

Like some lucky people during spring break, we were out of town on a short holiday.

MINTER: Don't stress (your plants) if you want early colour in your garden

I've never seen a year that has stayed so cold and wet even into April and we're all starved for some outdoor colour. Early cool colour plants must be able to handle unexpected late frosts, cold winds and lots of very heavy rain.

COLUMN: For all the tea in China

Not long ago, I discovered my dad's favourite hobby. He enjoys collecting traditional tea pots and tea trays because it's part of his heritage. It calms him and creates a family sharing time.

A GOOD READ: Oh, baby, there are some great books for infants

Babies love books. I know this seems like an oxymoron since babies can't read but there are many ways a baby's attention can be captured by a book. I have always thought, if I were ever to become a writer, I would write books for this age group.