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A "fix-it" station is set to help Port Coquitlam cyclists perform basic bike repair

The new feature at Gates Park could be added to other parks as the city hopes it can provide an extra helping hand for the "growing number" of bicyclists.

Picture this: you're about to bike through Gates Park in Port Coquitlam when your chain suddenly falls off.

Or, you notice the air pressure in your bike tires is lower than it should be just as you're about to trek the Traboulay PoCo Trail.

What do you do?

Unless you happen to have a toolbox on your person, the city is stepping in to help the "growing number" of local cyclists by installing a new feature at the popular park.

A "fix-it" station is now set up by the Wilson Avenue parking lot, complete with tools and fixtures needed for basic repair as part of a Port Coquitlam pilot project to help residents choosing to bike as a way of commuting and recreation activity.

This includes screwdrivers, Allen keys, wrenches and an air pump with a gauge at the green tamper-proof unit.

Bars are also installed so cyclists can rest their two-wheelers off the ground while performing repairs.

"By increasing access to bike infrastructure and providing resources, we’re both improving access to transportation for our residents and improving the overall health of our community," explains PoCo Mayor Brad West in a news release today (Nov. 9).

"We’re excited that this new pilot bike fix-it program not only promotes an active, healthy and environmentally-friendly mode of travel but encourages our residents to enjoy the wonderful trails and natural resources that we have in Port Coquitlam."

The bike repair station is set to remain in Gates Park for the next year. The city says it was chosen due to its location near the downtown core and its tourism spotlight with the Traboulay PoCo Trail.

If it becomes a popular fixture, the city adds the pilot project could expand to install other stations in more parks and trails.

Port Coquitlam's cycling infrastructure plan includes adding 25 racks and more than 60 km of biking routes

For more information about PoCo's cycling resources, routes and amenities like the "fix-it" station in Gates Park, you're encouraged to visit the city's website.