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Builder pitches subdivision for massive lot in Port Coquitlam

Green Techpro Builders wants to raze the current Western Drive home and subdivide the 13,800 sq. ft. parcel into three lots.
The property at 1811 Western Dr., in Port Coquitlam, is being considered for subdivision.

A large lot on the southern side of Port Coquitlam is poised to be split into three properties.

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, the city’s committee-in-council unanimously advanced the subdivision bid for 1811 Western Dr., near Robert Hope Park.

Coun. Nancy McCurrach was not present for the vote.

According to the report from Bruce Irvine, PoCo’s director of development services, the applicant, Green Techpro Builders, wants to raze the current home and divide the 13,800 sq. ft. parcel — located mid-block on the western side of the street, north of Lamprey Drive — into three lots, each with similar sizes: 12.6 m in width, 33.6 m in depth for a 426.7 sq. m. area.

Vehicular access would be from the lane.

Irvine said under the new provincial housing rules, the application will not go to public hearing for input and, technically, Green Techpro could cut the current property into five lots.

Of the 11 trees, eight on-site trees would be chopped.

Irvine said the proposal will help the city meet its demand for ground-oriented housing while Coun. Darrell Penner said the move is a good fit and thanked Green Techpro for being “sensitive to the neighbourhood” with its design.