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Coquitlam house-detailing company fined $10K after employee falls off roof

The worker was seriously injured from the 16-foot fall as there was no protection system in place.
House detailing with gutters - Getty Images
House with detailed sides and clean gutters.

A Coquitlam worker was seriously injured after falling 16 feet off a residential roof while on the job earlier this year.

And WorkSafeBC says nothing was done to ensure they were protected from such an incident.

As a result, Iron Bay Holdings Ltd. / Shack Shine was hit with a $10,000 fine — adding to a now combined $15,000 in infractions to the company over the last three years.

According to the violation, updated as recent as March 31, WorkSafeBC says the firm was cleaning gutters at a townhouse complex when one of its employees fell off a sloped roof to the ground below.

The roof the Shack Shine employee was working on was calculated to be on a 22.62-degree angle and almost five metres from ground level.

Officials inspected the site in response and determined there was nothing to protect the worker from falling or to prevent injury if a related incident took place.

"The firm failed to ensure fall protection was used, and failed to provide its workers with the information, instruction, training, and supervision necessary to ensure their health and safety," says WorkSafeBC's report.

"These were both repeated and high-risk violations."

The second fine to Iron Bay Holdings Ltd. / Shack Shine comes 26 months after a similar incident almost happened.

In January 2020, the company was fined $5,000 after it failed to provide the proper systems for two workers removing moss from a multi-tiered roof at a two-storey house.

WorkSafeBC says the employees were not protected from a potential 22-foot fall and possible injuries.