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Coquitlam mayor, Coun. Hodge back on Metro Vancouver board for 2022

Richard Stewart and Craig Hodge will continue to represent the City of Coquitlam's interests as directors on the Metro Vancouver board, in 2022.
Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart and Coun. Craig Hodge will return to the Metro Vancouver board of directors in 2022.

Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart and Coun. Craig Hodge will return to the Metro Vancouver board of directors in the new year to represent the city’s interests.

The regional re-appointments were unanimously approved at the Nov. 22 council meeting, along with councillors Trish Mandewo and Brent Asmundson as their alternates. 

Stewart carries four votes, while Hodge has three votes on the board that includes officials from 21 member municipalities, an electoral area and a Treaty First Nation.

As well, Coquitlam city council is asking the board chair to (re)name the following elected officials to Metro Vancouver committees in 2022: 

  • Mayor Richard Stewart: Finance and Intergovernmental; Liquid Waste
  • Coun. Craig Hodge: Regional Parks; Zero Waste
  • Coun. Brent Asmundson: Regional Economic Prosperity Management Board; Water
  • Coun. Trish Mandewo: Indigenous Relations
  • Coun. Chris Wilson: Climate Action
  • Coun. Steve Kim: Electoral Area; Regional Culture
  • Coun. Dennis Marsden: Performance and Audit; Regional Planning
  • Coun. Teri Towner: Housing

If approved by board chair Sav Dhaliwal, the appointments would be the first time that Coquitlam would have a voice on the Climate Action, Regional Culture, Regional Economic and Regional Planning committees and boards.

As for Coquitlam’s acting mayor’s schedule for next year, which also involves a civic election on Oct. 15, 2022, it will be as follows:

  • Jan. 1 to Feb. 14: Coun. Craig Hodge
  • Feb. 15 to March 31: Coun. Brent Asmundson
  • April 1 to May 14: Coun. Chris Wilson
  • May 15 to June 27: Coun. Teri Towner
  • June 28 to Aug. 10: Coun. Trish Mandewo
  • Aug. 11 to Sept. 23: Coun. Steve Kim
  • Sept. 24 to Nov. 7: Coun. Dennis Marsden