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Coquitlam movie theatre goes big with new IMAX auditorium

The new IMAX auditorium promises an "immersive" experience with an outsized screen and 12-channel sound
An example of a typical IMAX auditorium.

Going to a movie in Coquitlam is now a really big deal.

The Cineplex Cinemas complex on Schoolhouse Road has added an IMAX auditorium.

The new 326-seat auditorium is equipped with a 60.8’ X 33.1’ screen, IMAX laser projector and 12-channel sound system.

The technology promises a "pristine" and "immersive" movie-going experience, according to a statement on the IMAX website.

The Coquitlam auditorium is one of five new ones announced last July as part of the company’s partnership with Cineplex. They’re in addition to the 24 screens the two companies already operate across Canada.

"This deal represents Cineplex’s renewed seal of trust in the value of the IMAX experience to their thriving business," said Rich Gelfond, the CEO of IMAX, in a news release.

"Our partnership with IMAX has always been strong and it speaks to the enduring value of the IMAX experience," added Ellis Jacob, the president and CEO of Cineplex.

The first movie to be screened is Coquitlam’s IMAX theatre is Godzilla Minus One, a new take on the classic monster franchise by its originator, Japan’s Toho Studios.

In fact, the film’s theatrical release in Japan on Nov. 3 coincided with anniversary of the premiere of the first Godzilla film in 1954.

In addition to outsized screenings of Hollywood blockbusters, the IMAX auditorium at the Coquitlam Cineplex will be available for special event and concert films like the recent limited re-release of the classic Talking Heads’ concert film, Stop Making Sense.

The only other IMAX theatres in Metro Vancouver are in Richmond and Langley.