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Election Qs: Where do Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam 2021 candidates stand on the TMX pipeline?

Each week before Sept. 20, we'll ask local candidates a question on a key topic or issue relevant to the Tri-City region and/or local residents.

On Sept. 20, local residents will be voting for a member of parliament in the Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam riding for the 2021 federal election.

Each week leading up to decision day, the Tri-City News will publish answers to topical questions from those vying for a seat in the House of Commons.

Responses from candidates are listed in alphabetical order.


  • Environmentalists oppose the $12.6-billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion through the Tri-Cities. Are you in favour of this project?


Katerina Anastasiadis — Conservative 

  • We are committed to the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline with high environmental standards that will provide safe, efficient, and cleaner transport of our natural resources as we work towards alternative energy solutions. The economic benefits of this project will provide vital jobs and tax revenue to our communities. 

Kimberly Brundell — People's Party of Canada

  • The PPC supports the building of pipelines that are crucial for our economic development and growth.  We need more innovation in our natural gas industry to make sure we protect our environment without compromising our resource industry which benefits all Canadians.

Laura Dupont — NDP

  • I want to be very clear that I oppose the TMX pipeline — and so does Jagmeet Singh. Compare that with Justin Trudeau, who bought the pipeline, and Erin O’Toole who just announced the Conservatives would prioritize building the Northern Gateway pipeline. The NDP will deliver real climate action now. 

Ron McKinnon — Liberal

  • I am committed to a net-zero Canada by 2050 and over-performing on our Paris Climate Accord targets which we are on our way to accomplish while completing TMX. It was approved under the most rigorous environmental review, and revenue raised by TMX will be reinvested into our transition toward a green economy.