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Fraser Health shuts down Coquitlam restaurant for pests, unsanitary conditions

Nagano Restaurant in Coquitlam Square has to get rid of rodents — and points of entry — before it can re-open, according to Fraser Health.
Nagano Japanese Restaurant at 120 - 2918 Glen Dr. Coquitlam was ordered closed for clean-up on March 13, 2023.

A sushi restaurant at Coquitlam Square mall in the Coquitlam City Centre neighbourhood has been ordered to shut down until multiple health and safety issues have been resolved.

Fraser Health ordered Nagano Japanese Restaurant to close Monday (March 13) after giving it a high hazard rating for lack of cleanliness, improper food storage, clutter and rodents.

The closure order was posted on the door of the restaurant, located at 120-2917 Glen Dr., and the Tri-City News has reached out for more information as to when the restaurant might re-open.

No one answered the phone but an inspection report posted online by Fraser Health noted multiple issues with food handling and pests during a routine inspection on March 9.

The inspection found rodent droppings in corners, under equipment, under the sink in the sushi area, and on shelving in the dry goods area.

There was also a "build-up" of mould on the ice machine, which was cleaned, and food, boxes and utensils blocking the handwashing sink.

Unsanitary conditions found, deep cleaning ordered

A subsequent inspection on March 13 found: 

  • Food not protected from contamination
  • Premises not free of pests
  • Clutter and products still on the floor which could attract pests
  • Unsanitary conditions with an accumulation of dirt, grease and food debris

In addition to removing clutter, storing food on shelves and deep cleaning the restaurant, Nagano must also hire a pest control company to "do a full assessment to identify all points of entry and any structural deficiencies," the online report states.

Before the order can be rescinded, the restaurant must "rectify all noted issues, and send a report along with the assessment report from the professional pest control company to schedule opening inspection, the report states.

Complaints can lead to restaurant inspections

Fraser Health's environmental health officers conduct inspections on a routine basis and when complaints are received.

Inspections determine if regulatory requirements are being met in food handling, temperature control of foods, maintenance and sanitation as well as employee hygiene.

Each visit generates an inspection report that is provided to the operator to either confirm that they are compliant with regulations, or to inform them that they are required to address deficiencies.

Visit the Fraser Health website for more information about restaurant inspections.