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Here's how much more you'll be paying for water and sewer in Port Coquitlam

It's going to cost a few dollars more for sewer and water in Port Coquitlam, according to a proposed levy, with most of the increases blamed on rising costs for new capital projects in the Lower Mainland.
Water and sewer rates are going up for 2023 in the city of Port Coquitlam.

Water and sewer rates will be a little more expensive in 2023, if Port Coquitlam council approves a bylaw setting fees for the year.

Today (Feb. 7), council is expected to give three readings to a water and sewer bylaw that calls for a combined increase of 2.46 per cent for the two important utilities.

The proposed 2023 utility budgets represent a 2.81 per cent increase in water and 1.97 per cent in sewer rates over 2022 — or about $12 to $13 more for water and about $6 to $7 more for sewer.

Those living in a single family home, for example, will pay $857.60 for the year, up about $20 from $837.04.

According to the city, most of the hike comes from increases in charges from Metro Vancouver, which provides the service.

"Charges from Metro Vancouver for bulk water purchases and sanitary sewer discharge constitute the largest portion of the utility budgets (approximately 61 per cent and 66 per cent). For a number of years, Metro Vancouver has been forecasting significant increases to its rates to offset borrowing costs related to capital construction," a staff report states.

Port Coquitlam will also be setting aside contributions of $3.2 million for water and $1.5 million for sewer for a reserve to pay for future repairs, maintenance or to upgrade infrastructure — costs that are not part of regular operations.

The fees are being set now so the city can send out utility bills in February, for payment by March 31.

Here's what the new fees will be:

Water fees

  • Single family: $497.95, ($13.61 increase or 2.81%)
  • Secondary suite: $497.95, ($13.61 increase or 2.81%)
  • Townhouse $466.40, ($12.73 increase or 2.81%)
  • Apartment $443.10, ($12.10 increase or 2.81%)

Sewer fees

  • Single family: $359.65, ($6.95 increase or 1.97%)
  • Secondary suite: $359.65, ($6.95 increase or 1.97%)
  • Townhouse: $337.30, ($6.50 increase or 1.97%)
  • Apartment: $319.70, ($6.18 increase or 1.97%)

Low-income seniors pay less

Seniors whose income meets a threshold of $28,630 per person or $35,645 per household will get a 50 per cent discount.

Last year, 262 seniors took advantage of the discount, which cost the city $101,494.