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Letter: Can you hear me, Tri-Cities politicians, or is the plane is too loud?

A Coquitlam resident is asking community leaders to share their thoughts on a series of proposed flight path changes, which they believe could add more noise.
An aerial view of Metro Vancouver through an airplane window.

The Editor:

Re: Noise pollution among concerns raised by Tri-City residents opposed to flight path changes (Jan. 26, 2023)

Dear Member of Parliament Bonita Zarrillo, Mayor Richard Stewart and Coquitlam Councillors,

On Jan. 16, 2023, I attended the open house for the proposed changes to flight paths that will primarily impact the Tri-Cities area, particularly northeast Coquitlam, Ranch Park area and south Coquitlam.

I am very concerned about the increased noise and pollution that will accompany these changes, and I would like to know the following:

  • Did any of our elected representatives take time to attend this important open house?
  • What is your opinion of the information that was provided?
  • Was it transparent?
  • Did you ask questions of NAV CANADA?

Delta council has long been a champion for their community regarding noise and pollution from overhead aircraft.

What actions are our elected representatives prepared to take to address what are very legitimate concerns of your own community?

I live in Ranch Park, directly under the flight paths coming from the east, as well as the flight paths to and from Pitt Meadows Airport, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that when some of those planes fly directly overhead, sometimes only minutes apart, you cannot hear others speaking when outside, contrary to what NAV CANADA says.

The YVR operations take place 24 hours a day. Additionally, we have a flat, white roof on our garage.

During the pandemic, that roof remained white. When automobile traffic returned, the roof still remained white.

When the aircraft industry resumed flights over our house, our roof turned dark grey/black with the emissions from these aircraft.

Your community, which includes Ranch Park Elementary and Dr. Charles Best Secondary, is breathing in that pollution and will be breathing in even more pollution if NAV CANADA has its way and approves the proposed alignments.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to your responses.


- Anna Caltagirone, Coquitlam