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Letter: Could painted lines and arrows improve safety for all along Traboulay PoCo Trail?

Writer claims to have seen more "negative interactions" between pedestrians and cyclists recently, especially when larger groups are involved.
Traboulay PoCo Trail March 25 2022- Instagram Joanna Szypulska
Traboulay PoCo Trail.

The Editor:

I use the Traboulay PoCo Trail both as a pedestrian and as a cyclist regularly.

On the paved section of the trail, which runs past Lions Park and ends at Pitt River Road, there has been a large increase in usage.

I have observed many negative interactions between users, both cyclists and pedestrians, because people don't keep to the right.

There are often large groups of both cyclists and walkers spread out across the trail impeding the progress of others, in both directions, to pass.

This creates dangerous situations for all.

With the advent of E-bikes there are many inexperienced cyclists who are capable of speeds over 30 km/h with no idea about where they should position themselves in order to navigate safely.

Pedestrians and cyclists, for the most part, do not practice situational awareness and have no idea where to position themselves on the trail.

My suggestion to improve safety on the trail is to paint a dotted line down the middle with direction arrows.

Users would then know to keep to the right and pass on the left when it is safe to do so. This is not a novel concept.

Most multi-use pathways have directional markings in place already.

Painting lines is not a huge budget cost and can probably be completed in a couple of days.

Summer is coming with increased traffic on the trail. The traffic lines would increase everyone's enjoyment and safety while using it.

I look forward to your response.

- Greg MacDonald, Port Coquitlam

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