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Letter: Mayor's words on Anmore South are a 'fantasy nightmare'

Anmore Mayor John McEwen's words about Anmore South and the possible expansion of Ioco Road leave this Port Moody letter writer "at a loss for words."

The Editor,

Re: "Neighbourhood plan for transformative Anmore development must be more than a 'sales document': councillor (, March 21, 2024)

The French have a saying something like, “They dream in colour." 

I’m not referring to the idyllic watercolour attached to the article, but the thoughts of Anmore Mayor John McEwen: “The big thing is getting people out of their cars,” he said.

And then on the very next line: "As well, McEwen said, Ioco Road has the capacity to be expanded to four lanes."

I am at a loss for words, but fantasy nightmare keeps coming to mind.

--Ken Murray, Port Moody