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Letter: More airplanes over Coquitlam 'not a sustainable option'

A second resident has voiced concerns about an increased air traffic over the Tri-Cities, claiming most are flying at lower altitudes.
A jet airplane descends over a runway into the sunset.

The Editor:

Re: Letter: Why the airplane noise over Coquitlam bothers me (Nov. 5, 2023)

I would like to second the concerns of Ken Holowanky about the rerouting of air traffic over Coquitlam. I have noticed the increased number of aircraft flying at low altitude over Coquitlam.

I assume that NavCanada chose to take advantage of the post pandemic increase in travel to make this change, so that people would assume that the reason for the increase in noise in our area was just a return to "normal" levels of travel. But until (if ever) we have viable zero carbon emitting aircraft, we should be looking for a decrease in air traffic.

I know that will require some changes in our economy, but business as usual is not a sustainable option.

- Richard Hollins, Coquitlam