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Letter: No need for "another Surrey" with proposed Coquitlam high-rises

Writer says they moved to the Tri-Cities for the quality views and surrounding environment.
SkyTrain Coquitlam
SkyTrain rolls through Coquitlam with apartment buildings in the background.

The Editor:

I've lived in the Burke Mountain area off the Coast Meridian and Darwin for four years now as a renter.

The reason why I came out here was because of the serenity, the beauty, the wildlife, the convenience for shopping and the friendly people.

I lived in Surrey for over 30 years and I would never move back there and that's why I came out here was to get away from the pollution crowded streets and the traffic.

The worst thing that could possibly happen is to start building high rises up here in this beautiful gorgeous area.

People bought their homes for a reason and that is because of the view and if you start building high rises and shopping stores you're going to lose it all and you're going to turn Coquitlam right into another Surrey.

There is no reason to build huge high-rises just so the Americans get more money from taxpayers to make them rich.

I hope that the people of Burke mountain will fight to prevent this devastating construction.

Thank You,

- Marilyn Hobson, Coquitlam