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Letter: Port Coquitlam treats taxpayers like grown-ups. So, let them drink responsibly in parks

Writer believes the consumption bylaw encourages better behaviour, in response to another letter about reconsidering alcohol in public spaces.
Friends at a picnic drinking wine in the park. | Getty Images

The Editor:

Re: Letter: PoCo should reconsider idea of allowing alcohol in parks (July 28, 2022)

In response to Dr. Daszkiewicz, I was sad and shocked at the backwards step recommended by her.

Reagan's campaign of don't do drugs in the 80s and 90s was a catastrophic failure.

My husband and I walked through Lions Park Saturday evening (Aug. 6) and thought the atmosphere was wonderful. Large families enjoying each other in a big safe place.

With a lot of people in condos and smaller living areas, this is a welcome break to meet in large groups.

But hey, let's look at the this doctor's idea for a moment.

First, we can not eat in parks as obesity is a far bigger death sentence and addiction then alcohol is, and let's really protect those kids and pull out all the play equipment so no one gets hurt! 

I actually believe after seeing some of the people in the park who were consuming alcohol was a far better example to children how responsible adults behave.

Around the world where it is acceptable to drink in parks with friends and family, I have never seen intoxication like I have in my own country.

I do not believe censorship is the way we properly teach.

Let's commend our Port Coquitlam council for being progressive and treating their taxpayers as grown ups who can decide things for themselves instead of more restrictions.

Bravo, PoCo!

Just a foot note, which should not relevant, but I have never chose to have a drink in the park, but again, that is my choice to make.

- Michelle Amann, Port Coquitlam

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