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You can drink in these 10 Port Coquitlam parks — but not near playgrounds

Concerns about broken bottles and discarded containers has prompted the city to change its consumption of liquor in public places bylaw to prevent people from drinking booze in playgrounds.
Castle Park Alcohol in Parks Pilot Project
Responsible drinking is allowed Castle Park in Port Coquitlam but not within 10 metres of the playground.

Playgrounds will be off limits for consuming alcohol in Port Coquitlam parks.

The city reaffirmed its policy allowing responsible drinking in 10 city parks, including three parks where booze was permitted in a pilot project last year.

However, concerns about broken glass and alcohol containers in playgrounds has resulted in a 10m no-go zone around playgrounds.

People could also be ticketed for the offence, once a bylaw change is made.

Otherwise, the experiment of allowing drinking in 10 public parks has been deemed a success after public consultation showed only minor concerns.

The initiative began with seven parks in 2020 to provide more opportunities for people to safely gather during the pandemic, with Peace Park, McLean Park and Dominion Park added in a pilot project last year.

Members of the public jumped on board, holding weddings and birthdays in parks. One musician held impromptu concerts every Sunday

But there were some concerns, according to the city, including worries about litter and drug paraphernalia (particularly adjacent to McLean Park) and lack of washroom facilities; some were also opposed to alcohol consumption in parks/near schools.

Still, the city found most people behaved themselves: Coquitlam RCMP and city bylaw officers didn't see anyone breaking bylaws.

It was litter in playgrounds that generated the most concern.

Garbage pick up has so far been managed within current service levels, the report noted, but could be reviewed in an annual review of services.

Now the city's Consumption of Liquor in Public Places Bylaw will be updated to restrict the consumption of alcohol within 10 m of a playground.

Here’s where you can drink legally in Port Coquitlam:

  • Peace Park, 1470 Kebet Way
  • Dominion Park, Ranger Lane
  • McLean Park, 3155 Wellington St.
  • Castle Park, 2252 Castle Cres.
  • Settlers Park, 1250 Confederation Dr.
  • Gates Park, 2300 Reeve St. 
  • Lions Park, 2300 Lions Way
  • Aggie Park, 3050 Chester St.
  • Evergreen Park, Cornwall St.
  • Cedar Drive Park, 950 Prairie Ave.