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Letter: Sounds like Richmond out there, Coquitlam resident claims

A letter writer explained they moved to Harbour Chines to get away from the urban noise, but it hasn't worked out.
An airplane. | Contributed

The Editor: 

Re: Letter: Why the airplane noise over Coquitlam bothers me (Nov. 5, 2023)

The air traffic noise has increased substantially since the flight pattern changes came into affect in 2023.

"Modelling provided by NAV CANADA show noise levels from the new flight paths could be between 55 and 60 decibels in some areas.

"Noise at 70 decibels or higher is considered damaging to hearing over a prolonged period of time. Levels around 55 decibels is the equivalent of refrigerator noise, while 60 decibels is similar to the sound of someone having a conversation."

If this change becomes permanent, we may consider building a six-plex on our single family lot, selling then moving to a small town somewhere.

- Chuck Beymer, Coquitlam