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Letter: Visiting Port Coquitlam is no fun for out-of-towners

What's with City of Port Coquitlam bylaw officers ticketing vehicles along Argue Street? this letter writer asks.
Street parking.

The Editor:

Port Coquitlam is very unfriendly and unforgiving to out-of-town visitors.

I am referring to Argue Street along the river east of Shaughnessy Street.

When I come from out-of-town to visit family, I risk getting a parking ticket. There is very limited visitor parking in the complex and sometimes it is full.

Though the street parking sign says two-hour parking, it has been ignored for years.

Suddenly, I can't park there. The city is ticketing people.

I wrote an email to city hall, but they couldn't be bothered to reply.

I phoned the city hall, but their solution was to find visitor parking in a neighbouring complex.

I asked about getting permit parking, but they said "no." The city said they want the street left open for random people to come and go for a walk, completely ignoring the need for out-of-town visitors or guests.

Some residents moved there before their kids were born and now those kids drive and have vehicles. Street parking is needed — not just for the random person who might go for a walk, but also, the families who live there and out-of-town friends and family.

There is no transit nearby, so having a vehicle is necessary.

Do better, PoCo.

- Donna Rae, Madeira Park