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Multiple impaired drivers lose their car in Port Moody — and one ended up in a snowbank

Several drivers who should have taken the bus instead of driving while impaired over the holidays will now have to take transit because their cars have been impounded and they lost their driving privileges for 90 days.
Port Moody police stop cars for impaired driving during a CounterAttack campaign.

Port Moody saw an uptick in impaired driving over the holidays.

And New Year's Eve was a busy night for the Port Moody Police Department (PMPD) as well.

As many as 12 drivers were stopped for impaired driving between Dec. 21 and Dec. 31, 2022, across the city — one a day over the holiday period, said media spokesperson Const. Sam Zacharias.

Police also responded to calls about an assault at a Port Moody bar, as well as a large house party involving youth on New Year's Eve, Zacharias said.

Through the holiday period, PMPD mounted traffic stops to take impaired drivers off the road and Zacharias said those who were found to be impaired had their vehicle impounded for 30 days and received a 90-day driving prohibition.

But in one unscheduled traffic stop earlier in December, an impaired driver drove into a snow bank as they approached a CounterAttack stop.

"The driver smelled of liquor and showed possible signs of impairment, but refused a roadside screening test. The refusal (which is a criminal offence) resulted in a 90-day driving prohibition and 30-day vehicle impound," PMPD reported at the time on Facebook.

Traffic stops are expected to continue after the holiday season, Zacharias said.

"The key message here for the motoring public is if your evening involves impairing substances, plan a safe ride home. There are many options available including public transit, ride share and designated driving services. And though the holiday season is over, police will continue to proactively search for impaired drivers on our roadways."