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New restaurant, tire store sparks need for four-way stop in busy Port Coquitlam shopping district

Is Nicola Avenue in Port Coquitlam getting too busy? The street that includes Costco and Home Depot could soon have a new intersection.
New buildiing in Home Depot parking lot
A developer is proposing a new building with a tire shop and a restaurant in the Port Coquitlam Home Depot parking lot.

A developer is waiting for the the go ahead to construct a tire store and a restaurant in a busy Port Coquitlam shopping area known for big box stores and traffic.

Kubik Developments Corp. plans to build a Kal Tire and a sit-in dining spot on a one-acre portion of the Home Depot parking lot.

The property at 1069 Nicola Ave. is currently under-utilized and the new development will add to multiple businesses in the area, including a government liquor store.

But to seal the deal, the developer has to pay for work to align a four-way stop with the Costco parking lot entrance to make access to the new businesses safer.

The city is waiting for those funds before it gives final adoption to the project, likely at a meeting in September if the funds come through.

Four-way stop critical to approval

According to a staff report, project approval hangs on the inclusion of a requirement that the developer submit plans, fees and securities to align the east driveway at 2370 Ottawa St. with the southern driveway at 1069 Nicola Ave.

The requirement for a four-way stop follows concerns raised earlier this year about the safety of drivers making left hand turns out of the Home Depot and Costco parking lots on to busy Nicola Avenue.

Bruce Irvine, the city’s director of development services, told the Tri-City News the developer is responsible for designing the four-way stop, which must be approved by the city and B.C.'s transportation ministry before it can be constructed.

A painted line on Costco property and some realignment on a public right of way are also required for the four-way stop to be completed.

But while a four-way stop will have some impact on slowing traffic in the Dominion Triangle shopping district, Irvine said other improvements to Nicola Avenue will likely come when nearby properties are developed.

"Longer term there’s two other properties on both sides of Nicola, they will be required to do improvements down the street," said Irvine.

As well, a traffic light could be coming in the future as traffic warrants.