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Now batting... Coquitlam Little Leaguers for new equipment and park upgrades

Dozens of young Coquitlam baseball players are gearing up for its "bat-a-thon" — a friendly competition and community fundraiser at the end of May.
Coquitlam Little League baseball is set to host a unique fundraiser on May 27, 2023, when players will participate in a series of fielding and batting competitions at Mackin Park.

Coquitlam Little League (LL) is set to host an inaugural fundraiser throughout the month of May, culminating in a unique competition between athletes at Mackin Park.

It's called a "Bat-A-Thon," where current baseball players are pinned against each other in a series of firendly contests both in the batter's box and out in the field.

Up to and on the day of the event, May 27, the Athletics are being motivated to go out into the community and raise donations on their own in hopes of fulfilling some much-needed upgrades and additions. 

Coquitlam LL says the Mackin Yard is in need of some upgrades and new amenities, especially for the benefit of current and future athletes.

This includes new scoreboards for the auxiliary diamonds, a new batting turtle for practices, training equipment and other facility updates to meet the current demand for registration.

According to Coquitlam LL's "Bat-A-Thon" website, the organization says it wants to host the "best baseball fields" in B.C.

"Donations allow us to afford facility projects we simply couldn't do otherwise. This, in turn, helps us keep our registration fees low and our quality of uniforms and equipment high.

"This a great way for the players, through their own efforts, not just those of their parents, to feel like they have contributed to their club," the fundraiser description reads.

"If the parents help us reinforce this message, the players get a sense of pride in their contribution big or small."

Coquitlam LL explains one of its primary goals, since forming in 1955, has been to make baseball affordable for interested players in the city aged four to 16, as well as those in Port Coquitlam and Port Moody.

"To do this while continuing to improve facilities, equipment, uniform and other resources, we rely on support from the community through fundraising and sponsors," the non-profit adds. 

"We know how busy families are, so wanted to offer an easier way to fundraise."

The "Bat-A-Thon" is set to be a community event where everyone is invited to celebrate baseball and enjoy watching young athletes showcase their skills.

A "heavy hitter" batting contest will be the headline attraction to see who can hit the long ball in each of Coquitlam LL's 10 age groups, including those that compete in the senior and junior levels.

In 2022, the senior A's claimed Coquitlam's first B.C. senior little league title in 13 years in a 15-3 rout of New Westminster at Blue Mountain Park.

As well, in 2019, the program sent a club to the Little League World Series. It included pitcher Sean Duncan, who recently completed a training camp with Baseball Canada's junior national team.

A total of 85 individuals and 31 teams have raised donations for the Athletics' event thus far.

As of this publication (April 30), Lukah Henry has collected just under $3,000, while Major 'B' Diamondbacks have brought in more than $3,100 in the team category.

For more information about the "Bat-A-Thon," or if you wish to contribute to the campaign, you can visit Coquitlam LL's fundraising website.