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Port Moody's Gabriella Lester hopes to 'fool' world-class magicians on national TV

Can the 'Diva of Deception' impress, shock and possibly trick the popular entertainment duo of Penn and Teller?

Mark your calendars for Nov. 18.

That's when most of North America will find out if Gabriella Lester was able to 'fool' a pair of world-famous magicians with her skills and trickery.

The Port Moody resident — known in her circle as the 'Diva of Deception' — recently visited Las Vegas on an invitation to appear on the ninth season of the popular program 'Fool Us.'

It's hosted by Penn and Teller, whom, since the late 1970s, have dazzled audiences around the world with their craft and adding a comedic twist.

Teller does not speak during the shows, communicating with mimes and nonverbals, while Penn Jillette guides the crowd throughout the show.

'Fool Us' is a competition show of their creation that puts aspiring magicians at centre stage to see if they can outwit the tenured entertainers.

Lester told the Tri-City News the experience has been a dream come true and it's an appearance she has pursued since she was 12 years old.

"This makes me so excited for the next few years," the Heritage Woods Secondary graduate said in notable disbelief and excitement.

"Performing is my greatest passion, and 'Fool Us' is just another reminder to set myself impossible goals. What may seem 15 years away, could only be five. And that I have to keep pushing myself to achieve remarkable things."

Lester explained lots of magicians she's looked up to have been featured on the show. 

This includes two-time world champion and Manitoba magician Shawn Farquhar, whom she saw perform at Eagle Mountain Middle when she was 10 years old.

Farquhar succeeded in fooling Penn and Teller in his respective appearances in seasons one and three, and made a third appearance in season seven (see video below).

He provided the inspiration for her to pursue magic and even providing a slight-of-helping hand to help her reach her current endeavour.

Lester has since performed around the world, including the exclusive invite-only Magic Castle in Hollywood, Cali., where she'll be this weekend to perform her 50th show.

This time, she hopes she too can impress, shock and possibly become their next opening act as the winner(s) are granted a "five-star trip" to Las Vegas to perform in the duo's show at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Her episode is currently scheduled to air on Nov. 18, 7 p.m. Pacific time on The CW Network.

Editor's Note: Canadian viewership may be limited to watch the live show due to licensing restrictions.

You're encouraged to contact your cable TV service provider for questions and more information.