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Rivers are rising: What Port Coquitlam residents need to know

The BC River Forecast Centre is maintaining a high streamflow advisory for the lower Fraser River, which could affect rivers and creeks in Port Coquitlam.

Port Coquitlam is on flood watch as B.C.'s rivers rise due to the annual spring freshet.

The city’s flood preparedness comes as several communities are on Flood Alert, according to Emergency Map B.C.

According to a news release, city staff say Port Coquitlam is "monitoring the freshet situation and proactively taking steps to prepare for the safety of residents and businesses should flooding occur."

This state of readiness is an annual event as a large swath of PoCo is within the flood plain and B.C.'s rivers tend to rise in May and June during a freshet, created by rain, warm weather and melting snow.

However, so far it looks like water flows will be well within manageable limits.

Port Coquitlam has two flood plains — the Fraser/Pitt River zone and Coquitlam River zone. View map here.

Use extreme caution along the rivers

Still, it's best to be cautious around rivers and streams.

The BC River Forecast Centre is maintaining a high streamflow advisory for the lower Fraser River, meaning water levels are rising or expected to rise rapidly.

Experts are not anticipating major floods, but minor flooding in low-lying areas is possible.

"Water levels are expected to remain high but not overly increase due to the cooler weather patterns forecasted throughout the next one to two weeks," the city notes. 

"The public is advised to use extreme caution along the rivers and other watercourses as the current may be fast moving or the level may change rapidly."

Dykes, which were raised in 2007, are in place to protect the city, but residents are reminded to develop their own emergency preparedness plans in advance of potential emergencies or disasters.

"In many ways, preparing for a flood is similar to preparing for any other major emergency, such as an earthquake, power failure or severe storm," the release states.

Here are some steps Port Coquitlam residents can take:

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