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This special Coquitlam doughnut could help provide education to underprivileged kids in Mongolia. Here's how

Doughnut Love is supporting a B.C. woman's initiative for orphaned children with a horseback expedition across northern Asia — and it'll take 84 days to complete.

Doughnuts and horses.

Definitely not a combination often heard of, but a Coquitlam bakery's new initiative is donating proceeds of a unique handcrafted creation to a B.C. woman's cause that'll put her on a three-month journey across Mongolia — all on horseback.

On May 2, Heidi Telstad will embark on, what is believed to be, the longest charity group horseback ride on Earth.

It's a trip spanning 3,600 km across the Gobi Desert and will take 84 days to finish.

Together with a group of 15 riders, it's set to raise funds for the Veloo Foundation that supports more than 150 orphaned, impoverished and underprivileged children in the northern Asian nation.

Telstad, a Langley resident, has already surpassed her personal fundraising goal of US$4,000 for the non-profit organization.

"Ever since I left Mongolia, I have been trying to figure out a way to get back there and fully immerse myself in centuries-old traditions," she explains in her expedition profile.

"​I’m hoping that by bringing awareness of the Veloo Foundation's efforts to provide a school and haven for the Mongolian children who survive on the garbage dump in Ulaanbaatar that I’ll, at a minimum, be able to reach my fundraising goal."

Doughnut Love has made a "Carrot Cake Old Fashioned" doughnut in contributing to Telstad's expedition and will only be sold this month as the Langley resident is leaving at the end of April.

Included in the doughnut is a combination of fresh carrots, pineapple and spice, topped with a cream cheese frosting and walnuts.

Doughnut Love explains its newest "Community Love" creation is also available with no nuts, and a gluten-friendly cashew cream-cheese version is also available as they hope to reach out to the generosity of as many residents as possible.

Each customer that purchases the specialty doughnut will see $1 go directly to Veloo, according to a statement provided to the Tri-City News, and will be earmarked for education programs, food and shelter.

The non-profit organization says most of the kids and families they service rely on scavenging to survive, including items they find in garbage dumps to either eat for nourishment, burn for warmth or sell for money.

Older family members are also given the chance to find local employment, learn English and vocational training.

As well, Veloo has implemented several projects resulting in a new public library and community centre for children and families around the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar.

And, surprisingly, this won't be the first time Telstad has endured a long distance event.

In 2016, she became the first and only Canadian to ever participate and win the Mongol Derby — a 10-day, 1,000 km race across the country's postal route created by Genghis Khan in the 13th century.

"Then along comes Julie Veloo [foundation founder] with this amazing idea to spend almost three months riding horses from the southeast of Mongolia all the way to the northwest," adds Telstad. 

"I am (we are) getting this amazing opportunity to discover all the hidden gems and wonders of the locals in each community we pass through in one epic horseback riding adventure."

For more information on the Veloo Foundation, a registered Canadian and U.S. non-profit, you can visit its website.

Doughnut Love in Coquitlam is located at 1655 Como Lake Ave.