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Three hungry bears feast on long lawn grass at Coquitlam home

Need a reason to cut your grass? One Coquitlam woman found out the hard way that bears just love to eat long grass.
Two of three bears feasting on grass at the home of a Coquitlam woman.

Bears are a common sight in the Tri-Cities, especially in spring when they head down the mountains in search of grass and other edibles.

Too often they get into unsecured garbage or even bird seed.

But what if they do what comes naturally and eat the grass on your front lawn?

That's what happened to a Coquitlam woman who saw three bruins frolicking on her front lawn while they chowed down on her tender blades of grass.

"3 beary good reasons to cut the grass," posted Barbara Jamieson on Instagram.

According to CTV, Jamieson recorded the animals feasting on her grass on Sunday morning, and posted video on social media.



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