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Three Port Moody vehicles impounded — one for 30 days — during recent speeding, impaired driving stint

PMPD encourages public to call 911 when witnessing poor driving behaviour, even if you think it might be too late to do so.
Port Moody police impounded a driver's vehicle after they clocked 100 km/h in a 50 zone near Heritage Woods Secondary on Feb. 7, 2022.

A trio of Port Moody commuters recently chose to ignore city speed limits, including one under the influence and another that just got their license.

Port Moody police (PMPD) explain to the Tri-City News a recent stint of speeding and impaired driving enforcement led to three vehicles impounded between Feb. 2 and 7, including one for a 30-day span, as well as a three-month license suspension.

Hundreds of dollars in violation tickets were also issued — starting from $368 a pop.

Spokesperson Const. Sam Zacharias says the incidents were proven risks to the community at large and the PMPD will continue to have a strong presence to curb dangerous driving.

However, it also comes with a public plea in cracking down on careless commuters as some residents may feel hesitant to alert police.

"If you witness a possible impaired driver or any driving behaviour causing imminent risk to the public, please do not hesitate to call 911. We respond to these calls for service with a high priority," says Zacharias.

Excessive speeding tickets are enforced with a vehicle is observed or recorded going more than 40 km/h above the posted limit.

"Speeding is one of the leading causes of fatal collisions in British Columbia [...] there are 65 fatalities attributed to impaired driving every year," adds Zacharias. 

"We would like to remind motorists that high-risk driving behaviours are dangerous and not only put the drivers themselves at risk but also other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. We urge drivers to slow down, use caution and always plan a safe ride home."


One driver's license is now prohibited for 90 days after they were caught speeding and failed a breathalyzer.

Before midnight on Feb. 2, while parked, a PMPD officer's marked cruiser was nearly sideswiped by a vehicle travelling roughly 35 km/h over the posted speed limit going westbound in the 3200 block of St. Johns Street.

During the ensuing traffic stop, the officer suspected the driver was impaired by alcohol and conducted a screening device test.

The driver received a "fail" reading, resulting in his license suspension and a 30-day vehicle impoundment.

Three days later, another driver clocked in at 142 km/h along the Barnet Highway — 62 clicks over the 80 km/h limit.

They were caught around 1 a.m. on Feb. 5 near 7A's intersection with Reed Point Way, which landed them an excessive speeding ticket and a seven-day vehicle impoundment. 

Meanwhile, a third motorist that just got their license decided to speed near Heritage Woods Secondary Sunday evening (Feb. 7).

Around 11 p.m., PMPD pulled over the vehicle on David Avenue, which was going 100 km/h in the designated 50 zone according to radar.

They were also issued a ticket for excessive speeding and had their car impounded for seven days.

Anyone who witnesses poor driving behaviour that could risk community safety is urged to call 911 or Port Moody police directly at 604-461-3456.