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VIDEO: Dangerous Coquitlam driver commits multiple infractions in 10 seconds — and nearly hits a dog walker

An apparent speeding driver is seen trying to swerve around a vehicle in front that stops at a crosswalk, doesn't signal, crosses a double line and almost collides with a dog.

Everyone appears to be okay after a driver nearly caused what could have been a serious accident at a Coquitlam crosswalk.

A video provided to the Tri-City News — and confirmed by RCMP — shows a motorist committing multiple infractions in a span of only 10 seconds at an intersection in the Essondale neighbourhood on Wednesday (Sept. 8).

This included failing to stop at a crosswalk for pedestrians as a dog walker and their pup were nearly hit.

"My wife was beside me at that time and I said, 'What a crazy driver, what need to be so hurry? The driver almost hit someone," Daniel Li told the Tri-City News. He caught the near-miss on his dashcam just after 6 p.m. that evening. 

"These people really put other people's life at risk."

In the video, a driver is seen allegedly speeding southwest on Cape Horn Avenue when they were coming up to the Dawes Hill Road intersection.

Another vehicle was in front of them and signalled a right turn, but first came to a stop at the crosswalk for a dog walker and their furry friend.

However, the driver then crossed a double yellow line in an attempt to swerve around the vehicle, almost went through the crosswalk and nearly hit the dog walker.

Fortunately, the motorist slammed on the brakes momentarily before going back into the lane and zipping away along Cape Horn Avenue.

"The video presented represents multiple Motor Vehicle Act infractions," Coquitlam RCMP S/Sgt. Ted Lewko told the Tri-City News.

"A vehicle should not be attempting to overtake and pass a vehicle at a crosswalk. This dangerous move put the lives of all those involved at risk."

Anyone who witnesses a dangerous driving incident is encouraged to report it to local Mounties by calling 604-945-1550 or by online submission.


The video was taken just a day after school zone speeds were put back in place.

While the incident didn't take place in a designated 30 km/h limit area, it serves as a reminder to slow down in local neighbourhoods, especially by schools, parks and playgrounds.

The Tri-City News went to Alderson Elementary the morning 32,000 students went back to class across the Coquitlam school district (SD43) where RCMP traffic officers took note of several commuters who were going above and beyond the post 30 kmh limit.

“You weren’t even making an attempt to slow down — not good,” an officer told one speedster prior to checking their license.

Last year, Coquitlam Mounties issued a total of 92 violation tickets under B.C. traffic laws over the first two days of classes, Sept. 8-9, 2020.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 29 = Speeding
  • Nine = Distracted driving
  • Two = Excessive speed
  • Four = Occupant restraints
  • Two = Child unrestrained or improperly restrained
  • 46 = Other violations

According to ICBC, fines can range from $196 to $483 for anyone caught speeding through a school zone.

- with files from Diane Strandberg, Tri-City News