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Watch out for snow plows as Coquitlam prepares for another dump

Have you had enough of the snow already? Don't put away the shovels just yet; more snow is on its way tonight, according to Environment Canada.

Coquitlam city road crews are out preparing streets for more snow to arrive tonight and into Tuesday.

Drivers are asked not to park along snow routes, to give plows and sanders space to clear accumulations and lay down salt and sand to melt ice and create traction for cars and trucks.

A weather alert has been posted by Environment Canada for the region to expect up to 15 cm of snow overnight.

With cold temperatures dipping to -7, and moisture coming from a front off the Pacific Coast, it is expected the "collision" will create snowy conditions.

"A low pressure system will land in the Washington State tonight. The associated front will brush through the very southern part of British Columbia giving another round of snow starting late this evening," Environment Canada's Monday morning weather alert states.

Snow is expected to taper off in the Lower Mainland by Tuesday afternoon and Environment Canada is warning drivers to take extra care.

"Be prepared to adjust your driving with changing road conditions. Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become difficult to navigate due to accumulating snow."

The warning comes as residents and city workers dig themselves out of Sunday's snow storm, that dumped at least 25 cm of snow or more from Port Moody to Port Coquitlam, and throughout the Lower Mainland.

The City of Coquitlam has posted its snow response plan online, showing Priority 1, 2, and 3 roads, which is how roads are prioritized for snow clearing.

When snow is falling, road crews focus on primary roads (arterials, collectors, bus routes and access roads to schools) with local roads and lanes only being plowed as resources allow.

You can also watch the city's Captain Public Works video, to find out more about priority routes.

Parking restrictions

The City of Coquitlam’s snow plows cannot deliver their best service when cars are parked on roadways.

When there is snow in the forecast, everyone is asked to not park on the street. But there are also seasonal parking restrictions in areas of the city that typically get heavy snow. 

They include:

Drivers and residents are asked to follow all posted parking restrictions on their street, and as indicated on street regulation signage at all locations within the city.

This will prevent you from having to dig out your vehicle, and will also prevent you receiving a ticket or having your vehicle towed.

Maps showing all areas affected by seasonal parking restrictions can be found at

Green cart collection stopped

Meanwhile, to prioritize garbage collection through the holidays, there will be no green cart collection this week.