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Coquitlam daycare searched after child's death

Coquitlam RCMP executed a search warrant this weekend at the Shaughnessy Street home where a one-year-old boy died under the supervision of an unlicensed daycare.

SMART MONEY: What mortgage rules mean to you

GUEST COLUMN Isn't it nice to wake up on a Monday morning to find out the government wants to make radical changes to the mortgage rules? Well, don't panic - the changes weren't that radical and, in the big picture, will not have a major impact on mo

Scrap collection for multi-family homes?

Port Coquitlam's kitchen and garden waste collection system could expand to include multi-family residences as early as the spring, if council approves.

SMART MONEY: Dividends carry a little glamour

GUEST COLUMN Investors should consider dividends when building their portfolios. Although dividends are often viewed as boring, they can be quite glamorous given the potential they offer.

Parking the rub with 81 townhouses

A controversial bid to build 81 stacked townhomes on a dead-end street failed this week after a tie vote by Coquitlam city council. On Monday, half of council okayed the rezoning of 606 to 618 Langside Ave.

Carriage homes on Burke

The first carriage homes for Coquitlam will be built in the northeast of the city.

More people are adopting pets

The number of stray animals that found homes to live in after being impounded in Port Coquitlam increased in 2010 over the year before, according to a staff report.

Bear sightings up last year

Public education campaigns encouraging homeowners to secure their garbage were not enough to keep the number of bear sightings down in the city of Port Coquitlam last year.

Farnworth gets a boost from Tri-City councillors, trustee

Several Tri-City municipal politicians are wading into the NDP leadership race after eight local officials endorsed Port Coquitlam MLA Mike Farnworth on Tuesday.

Market turns to people power

Port Moody's strict sign bylaw banning advertising for temporary events such as markets and yard sales has led Coquitlam Farmers Market officials to seek some creative ways around the rules.