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No jail time for woman convicted of obstructing justice

A woman convicted of obstructing justice for attempting to cover up a crime allegedly committed by her son has been given a 15-month conditional sentence. In B.C.

No frills grocery stores raise money for Slave Lake

Donations are now being accepted at all nofrills locations in British Columbia, including Dennis' nofrills, 1916 Como Lake Ave, Coquitlam. Franchise owners will also contribute to the total donation collected at their store.

TransLink bows out of UBE, Coquitlam mayor seeks solutions with New Westminster

Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart says he understands many of New Westminster's concerns about the United Boulevard Extension and will work with that city's council to come up with a solution after TransLink bowed out this week from recommending an opt

Consider trusts for estate planning

Canadian families looking for flexibility in tax and estate planning often set up trusts. Under the right conditions, they can provide controlled distribution of an estate.

A question, or two, on the Coq. ballot?

Coquitlam voters may have more than a list of candidates to choose from during the November municipal race. City council is expected to decide over the next few weeks if a referendum question will be added to the ballot.

Spring break will be two weeks next year

It might be a year away but students, parents and teachers who like to plan ahead can look forward to a two week-spring break in 2012 - as well as an extra day on the Remembrance Day long weekend this fall.

Fix funding: Hyndes

The chair of the Tri-Cities' board of education wants a new funding mechanism for B.C. schools after the district was hit both with new costs and more cash after passing its $260-million 2011/'12 budget Tuesday evening.

Teachers, students plug-in to virtual classroom world

It may not be the real world but, these days, you've got to meet students where they're at.

Rotary raising food for Share

Rotary Club members are asking Tri-City residents to open up their hearts, wallets and pantries to help the food bank during Rotary's Generous Hearts food drive May 28 and 29. On those days, from noon to 5 p.m.

'Most important meal' makes difference for these students

The saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is getting some new emphasis at several Tri-City public schools.