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Police scoped Pickton farm for subterranean lair

Police so strongly suspected Robert Pickton might be killing prostitutes in the late 1990s they tried using infrared photography on the hunch he had an underground dungeon beneath the Port Coquitlam farm.

Home-cooked meals for Coquitlam homeless

A group of Hope Lutheran Grade 8 students are learning how to cook - and be compassionate to others less fortunate then they are.

Trasolini expected to make transportation announcement

Former Port Moody Mayor and current NDP candidate for Port Moody-Coquitlam Joe Trasolini will be making a transportation announcement Monday morning.

Insurance for small business in case the unthinkable happens

Great-West Life statistics show that, on average, 1 in 3 people will be disabled for 90 days or longer at least once before the age of 65 and that the average length of a disability over 90 days is 2.9 years.

Fundraiser with a heart

Setting a goal of $40,000, the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation kicked off its annual Have a Heart campaign last week with a flurry of letters addressed to Tri-City homes asking residents to help their community.

Talk budget, win prize

Port Moody council hopes to entice more residents out to the budget town hall meeting by offering a door prize - possibly an iPad. Earlier this month the finance committee considered several ways of generating more interest in the budget process.

New vegan restaurant opens up in Port Moody

Before November a person living in the Tri-Cities seeking a vegan, gluten-free dining experience was destined for a trip to Vancouver. Not anymore.

Coquitlam grad dies suddenly of meningicoccal disease

By Kyle Slavin Black Press A Pinetree secondary grad studying at the University of Victoria died last week after contracting meningicoccal disease, a bloodstream-based bacterial infection.

Coquitlam development goes against the trend

The stunning pace of growth in Coquitlam over the last year reflects confidence by in the future of the suburban city, says the manager of economic development for the city.

Arts, cultural groups go cap-in-hand before council

Five arts and cultural groups that operate out of Coquitlam city facilities went before council this week to ask for more money in their budgets this year.