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A heaping plate of B.C.

Centennial secondary school's culinary arts students will set a table for 200 on May 12. What will they serve? British Columbia. The best of B.C.

Schools need tech & money to pay for it: Hyndes

School District 43 needs to upgrade its lagging network to provide reliable internet service or it will be faced with bigger problems, says board chair Melissa Hyndes.

Taxes up 3.56% in PoCo

Homeowners in Port Coquitlam will pay 3.56% more this year in property taxes. On Tuesday, city council unanimously gave three readings to the annual tax rates bylaw, which must be passed by the provincial deadline of May 15 (Coun.

Spike seeks $ forgiveness

Times are not so golden for the Golden Spike Days Society.

More voters at advance polls this time

Hundreds more Tri-City voters flocked to advance polling stations last weekend than in the last federal election, reflecting a trend across the country.

MONEY TALK: Pros and cons of green investment vehicles

On Earth Day we hear a powerful message that heightens awareness of all things sustainable, causing us to scrutinize our lifestyles and assess our ecological footprints.

UPDATED: Hall of a change in PoMo

The site was chosen, the designs drawn up and a $16-million loan approved by voters but just as Port Moody seemed poised to finally begin building its new No. 1 fire hall, city council has scrapped the plans and gone back to the drawing board.

Police, family searching for missing PoCo woman

Coquitlam RCMP are searching for an elderly woman missing since just after noon on Tuesday.

A week to think about water

Tri-City residents are being asked to take the tap water pledge during the province-wide Drinking Water Week, May 1 to 7.

Port Moody hosts boot camp fundraiser for Reaveley family

In what may be one of the biggest fundraisers of its kind so far, the city of Port Moody is hosting a charity event for the family of Charlene Reaveley, one of two women killed in an alleged hit-and-run incident in February.