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You can run for your sudsy reward every week at this Port Coquitlam brewery

The series of casual runs goes every Tuesday at Tinhouse Brewing
Tinhouse Brewing's Andrea MacIntosh laces up for a run. The Port Coquitlam brewery has started a new run/walk group and is planning. a series of timed 5K events beginning at the end of May.

Drinking a beer might be part of a runner’s carbo-loading regimen.

But put the two together after a run, and it’s all about creating community.

That’s the driving force behind a new running and walking group out of Tinhouse Brewing in Port Coquitlam.

Andrea MacIntosh, one of the partners in the Dominion Triangle craft brewery, said the group is a way to bring some life to an otherwise “soulless” commercial/industrial part of the city and engage customers and residents in the nearby townhomes.

“It’s a way to activate the area in a new way,” MacIntosh said. “The goal is to get people out.”

The group, which meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., is casual.

Everyone can head out onto the nearby dikes at their own pace, then return to the brewery 45 minutes or so later to socialize and reward themselves with a refreshing, light Westland Wheat or Toolbelt Lager, or even some of the non-alcoholic beverages that are also available.

In May, the brewery is launching a series of timed 5-km runs scheduled for the last Sunday of every month, with proceeds from the five dollars it costs to get a bib that’s good for as few or as many of the races a participant chooses to run going to a local charity.

MacIntosh said beer and running have long been linked, much like cycling and beer also enjoy a historical connection.

Not only is beer a tasty way to replenish lost fluids, it’s also the impetus for a global series of races called The Beer Mile that culminate on July 1 with the ninth Beer Mile World Classic in Chicago.

The “ultimate feat of athleticism and drinking prowess” challenges runners to complete a one-mile circuit around a track, chugging a can of beer at the end of every lap.

The competition’s world-record holder is a Canadian, Corey Bellemore, who completed the proscribed course in 4:28.10 after downing four bottles of Flying Monkeys Beer Mile Lager along the way.

MacIntosh said the Tinhouse crew doesn’t aspire to such lofty lubricated goals.

Instead, the group offers a low-barrier, low-cost way for neighbours to meet, maybe make some new friends and enjoy the natural setting of wetlands, woods and the Fraser River that begins just a few strides across the parking lot.

“Breweries are like a third space,” MacIntosh said. “They’re someplace we can go when we need another place to go to that’s not work or shopping at Costco.”

• To learn more about the Tinhouse run/walk group and its monthly race series, go to brewery’s website.