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27 questions to test your 2019 local news knowledge

The last year of the decade was a busy one here in the Tri-Cities. You, our attentive readers, have tracked a busy year in municipal politics, a steady drumbeat of motions punctuated by occasional scandal or vocal mayor.

Our coverage spanned the natural world — where we documented the latest threats to water and wildlife — and the breakneck world of real estate, from pressures on rental units to the biggest and latest tower developments. Through it all, we strived to put people at the centre of our coverage.

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Now, it’s your turn.

As we approach 2020, take a seat and test your knowledge of a year in Tri-City news.


1. Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West became the leading voice to keep what out of annual Union of BC Municipalities conventions?

2. A former Coquitlam student was stranded overseas after joining what armed group?

3. Why did the city of Coquitlam demand $151,000 from the Trans Mountain Corp. last spring?

4. Port Moody-Coquitlam MP Nelly Shin was originally slated to run as a Tory candidate in which Toronto-area riding?

Nelly Shin won the riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam after moving from this Toronto riding
Nelly Shin won the riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam after moving from this Toronto riding - MARIO BARTEL/THE TRI-CITY NEWS

5. Which Tri-City Chinese restaurant was voted among the best in Metro Vancouver?

6. In 2019, a dispute between former Port Coquitlam fire chief Nick Delmonico and the BC Ambulance Service reached a fevered pitch. What was the disagreement about?

7. Coquitlam developer Woodbridge Homes offered what year-long perk to attract Millennials into buying condos?

8. More than $120,000 was raised in a GoFundMe campaign for the family of which prominent Vancouver sports writer after he suddenly passed away in early May?

9. To which Coquitlam high school did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pay a surprise visit?

Trudeau paid a secret visit to this Coquitlam secondary school.
Trudeau paid a secret visit to this Coquitlam secondary school. - ADAM SCOTTI

10. What was suspected of killing 80% of Hoy Creek hatchery’s salmon fry in Coquitlam last May?

11. Why did Transport Canada launch an investigation into a massive house party in Anmore?

12. This Tri-City News reporter completed the “Gatensbury Gasp” in under eight minutes.

13. This past year saw one of the highest number of human-bear encounters in recent years. What park road was temporarily shut to car traffic after park staff documented 35 bear crossings in a single day?

A black bear walks down this road shut after dozens of documented bear crossings
A black bear walks down this road shut to car traffic after dozens of documented bear crossings - STEFAN LABBÉ/THE TRI-CITY NEWS

14. What planning mistake cost the city of Port Coquitlam a $2.5 million budget overrun?

15. In July, conservation officers were attempting to capture a family of bears near Mundy Park when three Coquitlam residents interfered and were arrested for obstruction. What was confiscated from one of the residents?

16. Coquitlam restaurateur Fred Soofi helped organize bail money in a secret plan to smuggle a political prisoner out of what country.

17. Last season saw Coquitlam Little Leaguers journey from provincial to Canadian champions, eventually representing the country at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Penn. After losing their first game to Mexico, what team did they rally to defeat 10-0?

Coquitlam's Matthew Shanley, right, celebrates his seventh homerun with his teammates at the BC Litt
Coquitlam's Matthew Shanley, right, celebrates his seventh homerun with his teammates at the BC Little League Majors provincial championship tournament at Vancouver's Hillcrest Park. Coquitlam defeated Layritz, 7-6, in eight innings. - MARIO BARTEL/THE TRI-CITY NEWS

18. Students at which Coquitlam school pioneered a project to provide free menstrual products to students? 

19. In March, a special prosecutor approved a charge of sexual assault against Port Moody Mayor Robert Vagramov in relation to a 2015 incident. Under what process was the case eventually moved to be settled outside the courts?

20. Why did several Tri-City candidates for MP boycott a debate at the Westwood Community Church in the lead up to the federal election?

21. While cannabis was legalized by the federal government in 2018, it was 2019 that saw several municipalities move to approve pot shops in the Tri-Cities. What was the first one to open and in what city?

From impending strikes to bear hit on the tracks, issues surrounding SkyTrain never go away.
From impending strikes to bear hit on the tracks, issues surrounding SkyTrain never go away. - City of Coquitlam

22. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, many Tri-City residents enjoy time spent outdoors. Which Tri-City outdoor space won best park in a global contest this year?

23. In October’s federal election, both Tri-City ridings produced extremely tight races; in fact, after all votes were validated, Port Moody-Coquitlam produced the tightest race in the country. How many votes separated winning Tory candidate Nelly Shin from NDP runner-up Bonita Zarrillo? 

A. 212 

B. 153 

C. 647 

D. 62 

24. What will Port Coquitlam council prioritize over the next three years?

25. A longtime Port Moody research facility set to close at the end of the year is home to how many of what kind of mammal?

26. Twelve-year-old Coquitlam girl Aniela Guzikowski is leading a call to have what added to the federal government’s single-use plastics ban?

27. How many bears were killed by conservation officers in Coquitlam this year?





1. Sponsorship by foreign governments. The UBCM eventually adopted a resolution banning foreign sponsorships at its annual meeting in November. 2. ISIS 3. To offset the cost of roadwork on United Boulevard after road rehabilitation work was held up due to delays in pipeline construction  4. Richmond Hill 5. Port Moody’s Lougheed Wonton Restaurant won a Critic’s Choice award for its Dungeness crab with Zhejiang sauce & noodles dish. 6. Whether people should ask for the fire department when making a 911 call regarding a medical emergency 7. A year of free avocado toast 8. Jason Botchford, a leading voice covering the Vancouver Canucks and the National Hockey League, tragically passed away after he suffered a heart failure. 9. Pinetree secondary school 10. Pool water 11. Following one of our most read stories of the year, Transport Canada launched an investigation into a house party in Anmore in which two helicopters swooped in to a raucous scene thick with whiskey, high-end sports cars, bikini-clad influencers and at least one overdose. 12. Mario Bartel. He attributes his cycling success to a strictly no-pie, no-hot-drink diet. 13. Oliver Road — a throughway running through Minnekhada Park — was temporarily shut to car traffic in July after park staff tracked as many as 36 bear crossings a day as the animals commuted between the park’s forests and grasses and the neighbouring blueberry farms. 14. Capital infrastructure projects related to road upgrades around the new PoCo rec centre 15. His cell phone 16. Iran 17. Italy 18. A student campaign at Dr. Charles Best secondary, inspired the city of Coquitlam to launch a pilot project to provide free menstrual products in civic facilities 19. Alternative measures 20. Several candidates boycotted the debate citing the church’s and its pastor’s record on LGBTQ rights 21. Burb opened its flagship store on Broadway Street and Mary Hill bypass in September 22. The Coquitlam Crunch 23. B - 153 votes 24. SkyTrain to PoCo, the question of a local police force and neighbourhood infrastructure 25. Four Steller sea lions 26. Cigarette butts 27. 31 black bears


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