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Letter: Port Moody, this development madness has to stop

Letter writer argues the City of Arts is turning into the City of Condos
Port Moody SkyTrain
The Millenium Line SkyTrain passes through Port Moody.

The Editor,

I recently drove past three signs for applications for development in a formally quaint quiet city: at Guildford and Ioco, beside Moody middle school adjacent to the massive construction already going on in there, and the old Barnet Hotel.  

This pairs with the massive construction already going on on Clark Street and that monstrosity on old Dewdney Trunk. Since our Port Moody council has come into power, we are effectively changing our moniker from City of Arts to City of Condos with lots and lots stoplight signals.  

How the heck do our elected officials think owners of properties here in our former pristine place will get around? I hope SkyTrain is not their solution. The parking lot is already full and trains nearly full with people in Coquitlam filling it before it gets here, as their council also made the nearsighted decision to open the flood gates on Condos to increase their tax base.  

In Port Moody, our nearsighted council drove away one of our biggest tax-paying industries by exponentially increasing the saw mill’s taxes. They packed up and how much will the terminals allow their taxes being raised without any infrastructure even in the planning stages.  

Lastly, with the crazy increases in insurance for condos there is a very good chance they won't be filled and we'll be left with ghost buildings in our formerly well-planned community.

This madness has to stop.

Bill McCrae, Port Moody