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Letter: Why dog poop bags are piling up in Port Coquitlam parks

How to avoid the doggy doo problem? Be sensible, says letter writer
Dog waste bags pile up next to Port Coquitlam trash bins. People have been complaining about the problem and the city is now considering contactless options. - Photograph via CHANGE.ORG

The Editor,

Re. “COVID fears spark PoCo poop pileup,” (Tri-City News, Dec. 10)

The latch mechanism and lid on the popular model of bear-proof trash bins are often frozen shut during winter mornings.

Frozen bins may explain the stashes of dog waste bags neatly piled beneath a bin. Be calm, be kind.

I suspect that a foot-activated bin lid would be susceptible to freezing shut too.  Perhaps parks operations can spray anti-freeze on the latch mechanism and lid frame to prevent this frequent problem.

Recently, I have noticed tissues and other trash stuffed into the shield on some latch lids. I suspect that some people think that this shield covers a hole to drop items into the bin.  

I use a dog waste bag inverted over my hand to protect myself from contamination as I remove this debris from the latch and deposit it into the bin.  

Be sensible.

Derek Wilson, Port Moody