Letter: Coquitlam project wish list does not face fiscal reality

The Editor:

Re. “Letter: It irks me Coquitlam doesn't cancel non-essential projects in time of financial struggle” (The Tri-City News, May 9).

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I agree with the sentiment expressed by Ms. Forsyth in her May 9 letter regarding the Coquitlam's finances.

Two other projects that are non-essential in my view are the repaving of the south Como Lake parking lot and the addition of a second sidewalk on Schoolhouse Street.

I would also add that in response to a question at a open forum for the King Albert Greenway Project, a city planner stated that they did not have information that indicated the need or probable usage of this project. There were sidewalks on either side of King Albert prior to the Greenway project and a full sidewalk on the west side of Schoolhouse. 

It appears to me that the city's project wish list does not face the test of the fiscal reality. Delaying these types of project now likely would have a similar effect on the city's finances as laying off staff or raising more taxes. 

I believe that the three projects listed above could have been postponed or stopped with negligible impact on Coquitlam residents.

Rick Conte, Coquitlam


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