Letter: FortisBC's lack of signage shows arrogant disregard for Tri-City residents

The Editor,

Hey Fortis,

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I have to tell you that you are a poor corporate neighbour.

We all understand that aging infrastructure must at some point be replaced and such is the case with your gas pipeline currently being replaced on Como Lake Avenue.

But it appears that you have an arrogant disregard for the residents of the area and the thousands of people who have to drive. You close main streets without any signage giving proper warning.

Such was the case when you closed Robinson Street at Como Lake. There was no sign advising of that closure several blocks away on Clarke Street. Nope. I had to drive the three blocks to Como Lake only to be diverted back down to Clarke. Also no signage on Robinson and Smith to advise of the same closure. Vehicles had to reverse away from Como Lake and go back to Smith Street and back down to Clarke. It only took a complaint to city hall and about five days before signs were erected. 

The constant bang bang bang bang bang of one of your machines is not tolerable. We live about three kilometres away from it and it is annoying. It eventually grates on a person’s nerves. I can hardly imagine what it is like for those who live nearby. 

I was driving home one day west from Linton and the traffic came to a halt. There were about 15 vehicles stopped. Up in the distance, I could see a cement truck stopped in the only open westbound lane unloading concrete. Once it was finished, it moved on and so did a few of the cars. Then traffic was again stopped as another cement truck was directed into the same spot, again stopping traffic to unload. Gee, it would have been nicer to allow all of the cars to go past before parking the truck. It might have taken 20 more seconds. Then we were diverted into other people’s quiet neighbourhood. 

And you know, Fortis, it’s not the foreman, superintendent or corporate suits of the project who gets the abuse for these inconveniences. Nope, it’s probably the lowest-paid person working the site: the flag person. And lucky me I have to drive to work into Burnaby and find the lower end of Como Lake, Gaglardi way and Broadway all diverted — again, no signage on Underhill to advise of Broadway being closed again. 

It is the replay of the disruption of First Avenue in Vancouver and I believe some businesses are suing. We all expected detours, delays and noise but not in the manner that your Michels minions are currently conducting. 

It is a follow-up movie to Nightmare on Elm Street but in this case Nightmare on Many Streets.

So your solution is an attempt to buy people off with a coffee and a chance to win a gift basket. Big deal! How about just showing a little more consideration for the residents and commuters because, right now, there is none? 

Bob Chapman, Port Moody

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