Letter: Loud motorcycles startle me, hurt my ears and distract other drivers

The Editor,

Re. “Enforce bylaws on moto noise” (Letters, The Tri-City News, June 6).

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I absolutely agree that noise bylaws need to be enforced. Not only do motorcycles with modified exhausts create unnecessary and excessive noise, but they are a hazard to nearby drivers.

While sitting at red lights, I have been startled by one or more motorcycles accelerating beside me on numerous occasions. This noise is so excessive that my ears have actually hurt for some time afterward.

I have asked motorcycle owners why they choose to have loud exhaust systems. Their answer is always the same, “For safety reasons."

On the contrary, these loud, overbearing vehicles are a tremendous distraction to drivers who are focused on the road.

So why are these individuals allowed to continue to endanger others and get away with it? For what? Surely there must be a way to enforce noise bylaws?

We live in the most beautiful part of the country with amazing nature sights and sounds all around us. Excessive noise is a form of unnecessary pollution that can be reduced if all drivers think of others before themselves.

Cheryl Jonsson, Port Moody

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