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Billboards? Not a problem

The Editor, Re. "Board to fears" (Opinion, The Tri-City News, Feb. 18). What a ridiculous comparison to make, saying looking at a billboard is as distracting as talking or texting on a phone while driving.

EDITORIAL: Premier Campbell - good or bad?

On some fronts, outgoing Premier Gordon Campbell was a progressive reformer.

COLUMN: Where's the touch in digital conversation?

It seems there is no end to the nuances of social networking. The latest revelation to blossom upon my awareness involves the phenomenon of texting, or more to the point, the etiquette of same.

EDITORIAL: What a waste

You might as well get used to recycling your food waste and soiled paper because, soon, you may be fined if you don't.

Just try driving the speed limit

The Editor, It is not uncommon these days to read about some tragic automobile accident that has been caused or partly caused by speeding. We read that the police are planning on enforcing traffic laws and this is good.

Thanks for fundraising help

The Editor, This is my 33rd year fundraising for Variety the Children's Charity. After working hard all year, I made my big presentation at Variety's successful Telethon last Sunday, where they brought in more than $7 million.

Paper is still important for learning

The Editor, Re. "Taking paper out of schools" (The Tri-City News, Feb. 16). I am very concerned to read the front-page article.

O'NEILL: Giving is good, it's that simple

FACE TO FACE: What could possibly be wrong with giving to charity? Give a food basket to one needy neighbour and you're a hero.

NELSON: If society did its job properly...

FACE TO FACE: What could possibly be wrong with giving to charity? When I give to charity, I don't feel good - I feel guilty.

EDITORIAL: Aren't billboards a distraction, too?

Police are continuing to crack down on distracted drivers who talk on cellphones, text message their friends or engage in other behaviour that could cause them to take their eyes off the road.