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Letter: Why do boaters in Port Moody have to pay for industry pollution?

I agree that Port Moody taxpayers should not be footing the bill, the letter writer states.

The Editor,

Your article entitled “Port Moody will study whether to increase fees at Rocky Point Boat Ramp” (, March 24, 2023) caught my eye given we are users of the boat ramp.

It seems there is a predetermined outcome for the study as the article indicates “boaters who use the launch could be paying significantly higher fees.”

What is strange to me is that this is the only solution being examined in the study.

I agree that Port Moody taxpayers should not be footing the bill.

It would make sense that other municipalities in the area also contribute to the costs as it benefits the broader community.

But what is more revealing about your article is that the increase is necessary to cover the costs to dredge and properly dispose of the sediment as it contains dioxin and furan caused by Pacific Coast Terminals and other surrounding industries.

Why are the polluters not being asked to contribute to the disposal of the contaminants?

But, more importantly, why are they permitted to cause such pollution in the first place?

Perhaps Environment Canada, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada should be consulted.

—Brenda Gable, Coquitlam