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A GOOD READ: Adults, check out these (very) graphic novels

Let me first say that there's nothing wrong with capes and tights. But if you want graphic novels with a little more oomph, try scanning the shelves for a different fashion statement. Trench coats. Wrinkled suits. Sleeveless shirts.

BUZZA: Contentment can't be found in toys

How many toys did you have as a kid? When I travel, especially to Third World countries, I love to go for walks and watch people. I like to see how people interact and how children play.

MINTER: Moisture and acidity are keys in fighting moss

Moss moss and more moss. It is in lawns everywhere this year, spreading vigourously and choking out those poor lawn grasses. In spite of all the lime and moss control applied, it seems to get worse.

YOUR HISTORY: Three women and a PoCo Pride

Our story begins 100 years ago, as the first International Women's Day is celebrated March 8, 1911. It truly seemed to be a man's world then, as most of the heads of state and industry in those days were male. Pioneering women such as Dr.

BOOKS PLUS: Money tips and more at Tri-City libraries

Books Plus runs in The Tri-City News each Friday to highlight programs and happenings in the Tri-Cities' three libraries: Coquitlam Public Library, Port Moody Public Library and Terry Fox Library in Port Coquitlam.

SENIORS: Learn to live on a fixed income for retirement

Difficult financial times have forced many people young and old to alter their lifestyles in order to stay afloat financially.

SENIORS: Check out Tri-City seniors' groups, activities

Dogwood Songsters meet every Monday, 10 a.m.-noon, Dogwood Pavilion and entertain as seniors' homes weekly. If you love to sing, you can join. Info: 604-941-2375. The Alzheimer Society of BC has two active support groups in the Tri-Cities.

BUZZA: Kids know that you can't go it alone

There's a little bit of Frank Sinatra in each of us. We all want to be independent and do it our way. I've never met anyone who, when pressed, will not admit there is a God.

SENIORS: What do you do after retirement? Work?

There's no longer a magic number for retirement. Some people find that they want to work past the traditional retirement age while others discover they need to.

GREEN SCENE: Spring is coming and it's for the birds in the Tri-Cities

With a little sunshine and warming weather, spring certainly seems to be in the air. At least, that's what the birds seem to think.