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Updated: Coquitlam Chinese food restaurant ordered closed, second eatery ordered shut this week

Hon's restaurant in Sunwood Square, Coquitlam shut down for a deep clean, repairs and pest control
Hon's was ordered closed by Fraser Health Wednesday, March 15 for a deep clean and to get rid of pests.


Hon's located at 310-3025 Lougheed Hwy. in Sunwood Square. is allowed to open today, Wednesday (March 22) after it cleaned up the premises and dealt with rodent issues.

A Fraser Health inspector spent 1.5 hours on the property today and found that all "noted issues are addressed, rodent issue is being addressed, pest control assessment is received, weekly pest control service is in place."

The restaurant will have to maintain a level of cleanliness, and provide a report on efforts to deal with rodent issues, including putting out more traps.

The inspection report said the operator must Increase daily cleaning and sanitation, remove garbage or foods before closing and properly cover and store foods.

Hon's was shut Wednesday (March 15) after a routine inspection found unsanitary conditions and evidence of mice and rats.

Another Coquitlam restaurant cited for cleanliness issues has been allowed to re-open.

According to a Fraser Health inspection report, Nagano Japanese Restaurant has also been allowed to re-open after dealing with cleaning and rodent issues at the restaurant located at 2918 Glen Dr., Coquitlam.

A second Coquitlam restaurant has been ordered shut this week for a deep clean and to remove pests.

The latest is Hon's, located at 310-3025 Lougheed Hwy. in Sunwood Square, which was shut Wednesday (March 15) after a routine inspection found unsanitary conditions and evidence of mice and rats.

Fraser Health routinely checks restaurants in the region to ensure health and safety standards are followed and posts the results online.

According to the inspection report, the restaurant was ordered to "shut immediately" for multiple health violations that gave it a high hazard rating.

For example, foods weren't covered properly; in some cases, just a cloth towel was used and in others blue plastic garbage bags were used to wrap food in coolers.

Raw meat and fish weren't properly separated from sauces and cooked foods so proper separation was required, and the restaurant was told to use only food-grade plastic to cover foods and rodent-proof containers for dry goods.

The inspector also noted mice and rodent droppings in several areas, including shelving, counters, and beside clean plates and called for a "full assessment by professional pest control," as well as ongoing pest control.

Concerns were also raised about the accumulation of dirt, grease and food debris under, behind and beside all equipment, and shelving as well as on doors, floors, walls and part of the ceiling.

Re-opening inspection could be earlier

The restaurant was ordered to do a deep clean before it can re-open the facility and repair broken tiles and damaged walls.

However, there's a possibility Hon's could have a reopening inspection within the week if it provides Fraser Health with photos of rectified issues, a pest control assessment and contract.

The report notes that with these conditions met, a re-opening inspection could be held "sooner than March 22, 2023."

Hon's was not the only restaurant closed this week. 

Fraser Health ordered Nagano Japanese Restaurant to close Monday (March 13) after giving it a high hazard rating for lack of cleanliness, improper food storage, clutter and rodents.

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