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Here are all the places where filming is taking place in downtown Port Coquitlam today

Some pedestrian disruptions on Shaughnessy Street may be expected with filming taking place in downtown Port Coquitlam.
Port Coquitlam Europe Bakery and Deli store
The Europe Bakery and Deli in Port Coquitlam is one of the places where filming is taking place today.

Port Coquitlam is one again the scene of a film shoot.

And this time the city's downtown will be under the klieg lights.

The City of Port Coquitlam has issued a notice that filiming is taking place today, Friday (Sept. 23) in the following areas and times.

You may see a few Christmas decoration as the filming is for a commercial, apparently.

Please be aware of the following filming schedule for today, Friday:

• 10am-1pm • European Bakery (2552 Shaughnessy) • Interior filming

• 12-2:30pm • Lucky Loonies (2557 Shaughnessy) • Exterior filming on sidewalk by the front door

• 2pm-5pm • Monika’s Barber (2286 Elgin) – Interior filming

• 3:30-6pm • Sun Mart Convenience Store 2604 Shaughnessy St • Interior filming by front door

• 5pm-6:30pm • 2500 Shaughnessy (next to Sun Mart) • Exterior filming east sidewalk and east crosswalk of McAllister and Shaughnessy St

• 6pm-11pm • Veterans Park (2580 Shaughnessy St) • Exterior filming in plaza

Veterans Park will remain open, however there may be some delays to enter the area during filming. There may also be small pauses to pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks in the surrounding the area as well as some delays inside local businesses.

The city has been subject to filming in the past. such as when Leigh Square was used as a scene for the movie Radio Nowhere.

More recently, filming took place for several days at Terry Fox Secondary school for a teen movie called Prom Pact.