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Letter: Protect our Coquitlam neighbourhood bears. All it takes is common sense!

Writer says they had to "demand" a group of people standing in the Coquitlam River to move after chasing away a black bear about to eat their lunch.
Coquitlam River Bear
A bear swimming in the Coquitlam River. | Chares Harris

The Editor,

I went down the Coquitlam River Park [on Thursday, Aug. 19] along the river's edge, where I saw four individuals standing in the Coquitlam River.

When they saw me, they called out for help as a black bear was commencing to indulge in their picnic lunch.

I found some broken branches and managed to get the bear to move 20 feet away.

When I asked and suggested that they gather up their chairs and food and leave the area, they refused.

I had to raise my voice and demand that they leave immediately.

Eventually, reluctantly they left... I cannot understand people who simply cannot see that by remaining, they were going to encourage the bear to return leading to the danger of nasty conflict and the destruction of the bear.

I would encourage people to use a little common sense and not only remove themselves from danger, but protect the bears which roam our parks.

- James Wesley Barr, Coquitlam