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Letter: Who's going to work the 2K childcare spaces Coquitlam plans to add in the next decade?

Writer claims finding quality workers in early childhood education "are a rarity nowadays."
child care
Child care spaces.

The Editor:

Re: Coquitlam pledges 2k more childcare spots

I have been an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) for 12 years and have worked in different child care centres.

I have worked with some of the best educators who I consider my mentors and have also seen some educators who are poorly trained AND are in the field for the wrong reasons.

Private colleges make obtaining an ECE certificate WAY too easy and most instructors in these colleges have no choice but to pass them because of how much the tuition fees are.

Opening more child care spaces are great, but who is going to work in them?

Where are the quality ECE's? They are a rarity nowadays.

I hope that when the government thinks about proposing all these child care spaces they think about WHO is going to work in them and think about how to retain high-quality staff who are passionate about caring for and teaching young children.

- Anonymous