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'Traumatized' by dog attack, Coquitlam family wants more bylaw officers in city parks

Evening walk with family pet turns into a 'horror story' after a larger dog bounded out of the woods and attacked the dog; but Coquitlam says parks are adequately patrolled and most people comply with leash policies
Dog attack
This 12-year-old Jindo breed dog received stitches for bites to its neck after being attacked by a larger dog at a Coquitlam park.

A Coquitlam family is calling for more bylaw officers to monitor off leash dogs at Town Centre Park after their dog was mauled.

But the city says bylaw officers are already doing a good job of monitoring local parks and most people comply with leash policies.

Steve Yoon told the Tri-City News the incident arund 10 p.m. on Sept. 6 at Lafarge Lake felt like a “horror story” when a “huge unleashed” dog bounded out of the woods and “violently attacked” their dog.

“The other owner could hardly control his dog and had to jump on top of it to wrestle it away from its attack,” Yoon wrote in an email.

The dog, a 12-year-old Jindo breed named ‘Jindol,’ sustained bites to the neck which had to be treated by a vet at a cost of $1,800.

The family is worried the stress of the attack and injury will shorten their beloved dog’s lifespan.

Yoon said the family is “completely traumatized” by the event and wants bylaw officers to patrol in the evening to prevent such occurrences.

Coquitlam bylaw and animal services is investigating the report to see if a violation occurred and will consider whether a fine should be imposed.

The family maintains the dog was unleashed, but the owner disputes that claim.

Meanwhile, city parks will continue to be monitored for off-leash dogs but no special measures are planned in response to this incident.

“Bylaw Enforcement Officers work extended hours and patrol city parks on a daily basis,” explained Aaron Hilgerdenaar, Coquitlam bylaw enforcement and animal services manager, in an email to the Tri-City News. 

“General leash compliance in our community is strong and we have seen success in promoting compliance with progressive enforcement initiatives.”