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VIDEO: Bear family cools off in Coquitlam lake — to the delight of Mundy Park visitors

A visitor to Mundy Park in Coquitlam spotted a sow and two bears heading to a lake and stopped to watch their antics, while filming the whole experience and sharing it with the public on Reddit
0712 Bears in Mundy Lake from Reddit post
Three bears enjoy a cool dip in Mundy lake in Coquitlam on Saturday (July 10).

Mundy Park is popular with Coquitlam residents and dog walkers who enjoy its forested trails, lakes and other amenities.

But a family of three bears also enjoys visiting the 176-hectare park, located between Hillcrest Avenue and Mariner Way in Coquitlam.

Last Saturday (July 10), a first-time visitor to the park spotted the sow and two cubs making their way toward the lake for a cool swim on a hot day.

FoxesinLove posted on Reddit a video of the animals swimming and gambolling about on a fallen tree.

She wrote that she gave the animals as much space as they needed so as not to disturb them.

“My husband and I were the first to spot them in the trees next to the path. Once we saw she had cubs with her, we quickly backed away a good distance and warned other people that were about to go that way as well,” FoxesinLove posted.

“When the coast was clear, Mama and her twins crossed over to the lake and we got to enjoy watching them swim for a bit! We headed back the way we came as we didn't want to risk crossing paths with them again, but even from part way around the lake, we saw them near the top of a tree they had climbed after we left." 

"Very cool!!”